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My Story

Frances Sims

Frances Sims - Author and Life Coach

Premiere Legacy Life Coaching helps take the struggling out of getting the ideas and concepts that you have burning within out. We often face crossroads in the mind of how to get ahead in life.

I've been through a lot in my 20 years of military service. I've seen firsthand how people can overcome self-doubt and achieve their goals. In the military, you are taught to adapt and overcome situations to make things work. In life, we must do the same.

As a Non-Commission Officer, I helped lead, train and guide individuals with career development making them successful in the goals they wanted for their career. I have worked with officers and civilians alike at an executive level which taught me how to work with people who have different experience levels and career fields.

In learning this I develop tips and tools to improve my life for success. I wanted those I influence to live their best life, just like I am. Knowing my time in the military would end, I wanted to continue what I loved. That is coaching, supporting, and guiding others to doing the ambitions they long to achieve.

Encouraging, boosting confidence, and speaking with authority to walk empowered. That is why Premiere Legacy was born to get others from feeling the struggle of doing it alone to having someone in your corner getting you to greatness. Premiere Legacy Life Coaching also known as PLC is the vehicle, we use to help individuals and groups alike to get unstuck and live a life of purpose.

Our Mission

Empower women to use their voices. Unleashing the creative power within to being the difference. We believe that every person has been blessed with a unique talent, gift, or ability to impact the world with their message.

How We Serve

Premiere Legacy Life Coaching helps take the struggling out of getting the ideas and concepts that you have burning within out.

Sometimes hinderances come to slow you down, they may even stop you from birthing out ideas and concepts we hold in our hearts. The fear of the unknown factor takes over for reasons often unexplained, but why?

Why let fear hinder the path of creativity you possess? From the way you are raised to the schools that you attended, help determine if you will succeed or not. Look at it this way, if children learn from actions of those that teach them, then the foundation of that child is that of whatever they are exposed to creates limited beliefs

In order to break the cycle of limited beliefs and mirror better results in life you must see your wins to motivate your drive to achieve.

Let Premiere Legacy help you achieve the dreams and goals you thought you we too young or too old to achieve. We will help you to overcome a limiting mindset, build confidence and believe in yourself to take charge of the gifts that you have inside. I Believe You! In the Future You for that you is brilliant and brighter.